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Achievement Hunter League

In this league, we’re exploring the weird and wonderful bounds of Magic! We’ll give each player a sheet of achievements to accomplish over the season.

  • 8 week season
  • 2 rounds per week, each lasting 90 minutes
  • 4 player free-for-all
  • $3 entry fee
  • Round 1 starts at 6:30pm
  • Round 2 starts at 8:30pm


The list of achievements will be available at the start of the league

  • The list will have more achievements that can be done in one league season
  • Some, but not all, of the achievements will be changed between seasons
  • The list will be provided to each pod each night

Some achievements will be worth more than others (1, 2, and 3 points)
Each player can receive no more than 5 points per week
Each achievement can only be done once per season per person
Players will have their achievement records sheet given to them when they sign up

  • When an achievement is done, one of their opponents must initial to confirm
  • Before leaving each week, the sheet must be returned to be scored

Here is the list: achievement league list

Other Points

Theme Weeks

  • Every other week will have a theme of some sort to follow
    • Example: Planeswalker as your commander
  • If you play at least one game with that theme, you gain a bonus point


  • We want your feedback! You get a bonus points for filling out a feedback slip once per season.

These points are separate from Achievement points and don’t count toward your weekly max


With your achievement sheet, you’ll get 8 diplomacy slips. Each night, right the name of one player who you enjoyed playing and turn it in with your achievement sheet. That can be because you loved their deck, were blown away by their combo, or because they were fun to play. It’s up to you!

These points will not be a part of an overall prize, but the winner will get a different prize at the end of the season!


End of night prizes are given randomly

  • 1/3rd of the players will be given $6 that night.

End of season prizes will be given out as unique items and depends on attendance.

  • Larger prizes will be given to players with the most points
  • Smaller prizes will be give to everyone
  • None of these are store credit; think playmats, pins, custom tokens, etc.
  • Some other prizes may be given out for other performances ( like Diplomacy)

$1 of each entry, each week will go toward the end of season. $2 goes toward the weekly prizes. All entry fees will be given out as some kind of prize.
No random prizes will be given out for week 8

End of Season Party!

During the last week of the season, the entry fee goes toward a party!
We’ll have food and drink for everyone who attends.
End of season prizes will be given out following the last game.


Format and Special Rules

This league will use the rules and ban list found at mtgcommander.net with the following additions:

The “Cultivate” Rule: in your main phase, during the first five rounds of the game, if you did not play a land in your previous turn and have not played one this turn, you may reveal your hand to your opponents. If it contains no lands, you may shuffle two random cards from it into your library. Then you may search your library for up to two basic lands, put one of them into play tapped and the other into your hand. You may only use this ability once per game.

Sideboards: We allow for a 10 card sideboard. It must be EXACTLY 10 cards and follow deck construction rules: a sideboard can only contain cards inside your deck’s color identity, cards that are not on the ban list, and there can only be one card of the same English name between both your library and sideboard. Sideboards are optional, but must contain 10 cards if used at all. These are the only cards that count as “outside the game” for cards such as Glittering Wish.
To use your sideboard cards:
1) Each player decides what deck they are playing and then reveals their commander.
2) Each player then may EXCHANGE cards from their library with cards from their sideboard.
3) Once everyone has made their sideboard choices, each player counts the cards in their sideboards; there MUST be 10 cards in your sideboard before beginning the game.

Shuffling: After the pregame procedure (presenting commanders, sideboarding, shuffling) is complete or if an effect causes a player to shuffle their deck, that player must present their deck to be shuffled by any opponent who wishes to do so.

Concessions: Players can only concede as a sorcery, or at the Cleanup Step. This is an out of game action and cannot be responded to.

Final Fortune: If you are the last player in a game and your final opponent conceded, you can have 1 more turn to attempt achievements. However, there are no opponents, so you cannot achieve anything requiring an opponent.

Infinity: if an optional loop is established, it can only be performed THREE times per turn.

This is an exception to the following Magic game rule:

719.1b Occasionally the game gets into a state in which a set of actions could be repeated indefinitely (thus creating  a “loop”). In that case, the shortcut rules can be used to determine how many times those actions are repeated without having to actually perform them, and how the loop is broken.

Instead, the number can only be 3 per turn.
This rule only prevents OPTIONAL loops; that is, a loop that requires a player to perform a game action including a choice. Mandatory loops will still result in the game becoming a tie.


Some Proxies Allowed: the proxies that we allow are collector’s edition, championship cards and gold border cards. No printed proxies.

The Nephilim: We allow the Nephilim (the five 4-color creatures from Guildpact) to be used as commanders for your deck. If they are used this way, they must be played as though they are Legendary for all game purposes.



Please note!

  • There is no prize for winning your games!
  • Some achievements and rules may be unclear; please ask the T.O. about them directly.
  • The spirit of this league is to have fun and isn’t strictly about winning. Please consider others while playing.
  • It is your responsibility to get your achievement list when you sign up, and return it when you are finished. Points will be recorded electronically, but it may not be up to date if you lose your paper.