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Competitive League

Competitive Commander League

This league is to foster a healthy competitive environment.

  • 4 week season
  • 3 games per night, 70 minute rounds
  • 4 player free-for-all
  • $5 entry fee
  • Round one starts at 6:40pm
  • Round two starts at 8:00pm
  • Round three starts at 9:20 pm

Format and Special Rules

We will be using the rules and ban list found at mtgcommander.net with the following additions:

Sideboards: We allow for a 10 card sideboard. It must be EXACTLY 10 cards and follow deck construction rules: a sideboard can only contain cards inside your deck’s color identity, cards that are not on the ban list, and there can only be one card of the same English name between both your library and sideboard. Sideboards are optional, but must contain 10 cards if used at all. These are the only cards that count as “outside the game” for cards such as Glittering Wish.
To use your sideboard cards:
1) Each player decides what deck they are playing and then reveals their commander.
2) Each player then may EXCHANGE cards from their library with cards from their sideboard.
3) Once everyone has made their sideboard choices, each player counts the cards in their sideboards; there MUST be 10 cards in your sideboard before beginning the game.

Shuffling: After the pregame procedure (presenting commanders, sideboarding, shuffling) is complete or if an effect causes a player to shuffle their deck, that player must present their deck to be shuffled by any opponent who wishes to do so.

Concessions: Players can only concede as a sorcery, or at the Cleanup Step. This is an out of game action and cannot be responded to.

Some Proxies Allowed: the proxies that we allow are collector’s edition, championship cards and gold border cards. These are the ONLY proxies allowed.

Mulligans: There are no special mulligan rules for Commander. Because this is a 4 player game, the first mulligan is free and every subsequent mulligan reduces your starting hand size by 1. If your starting hand size is lower than 7, then Scry 1 before the game begins. You must shuffle your hand in before drawing a new one.


Points and pairing

You get 1 point for each opponent you outlast. That is, a player who left the game while you are still in it.

  • If 2 or more players lose at the same time, neither get victory points from the other.
  • In a 3-man pod, each player starts with one additional victory point.
  • If all four players in a pod draw, each player will receive one point.
  • If multiple players would lose the game at once and no player has left the game yet, each player losing the game receives one additional victory point.

Pairing for round 1 is random. Subsequent rounds will be paired based on players’ points.

  • A player that plays in an ‘odd numbered’ pod (3-man or 5-man) won’t be placed in another that night.
  • We will attempt to have no player play each other twice per night, but it is unavoidable at times.


Prizes depend on attendance. All entry fee will be given out as prizes.
$3 of each entry goes to weekly prizes, $2 of each entry goes for end of season prizes. Prizes are         are given out as an amount of store credit.

Weekly prizes
               These prizes will go to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 50% for 1st, 30% for 2nd, 20% for 3rd.

End of Season Prizes
               These prizes will go to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd based on cumulative totals. Percentages as per weekly.

Example: One week, 16 people show up for the League. We collect $5 from each person. We then bank $32 for the end of the season. After the end of the night, we calculate points and find the following result: 1st gets $24, 2nd gets $14.40, and 3rd gets $9.60

After 4 weeks of 16 players, we’ll have 1st getting $64, 2nd getting $38.40, and 3rd getting $24.60.

Please note

  • This is a competitive league. That means some games will end quickly.
  • There is no restriction on when you can win. (no turn 5 rule)
  • Only cards printed by Wizards of the Coast are allowed (this includes Collector’s edition and gold bordered
  • There are no achievement or diplomacy points.
  • There is no “Cultivate” rule
  • The rounds are shorter. The games should be faster and there is an expectation that most players know the game well.