Is YOUR guilty pleasure strategy games? Play BattleTech Alpha Strike!

Is YOUR guilty pleasure strategy games? Play BattleTech Alpha Strike!
I recently decided to dive into the game, and even with limited wargaming experience, I found it extremely easy to pick up, but was still able to scratch my itch for a strategic command game. Here’s what I found was the easiest way to learn, invest and play the game as a beginner. With all the new products launching it can be overwhelming. However, it has never been a better time for a beginner to dive into the game. 
The best way to learn to play BattleTech Alpha Strike is to watch some introductory videos on YouTube or read the rulebook. Here are a few videos that I recommend:
-A quick guide I found during my recent research
How to Play BattleTech Alpha Strike: by SleeplessRonin Plays
-Recommended to me when I learned to play by a good friend (thanks James!).
How to Play Alpha Strike: Basic Rules: by Death From Above Wargaming   
-Catalyst Games is the current publisher of battletech
BattleTech: Alpha Strike, Where Should You Start?: by Catalyst Game Labs
Once you have a basic understanding of the rules, you can start playing some practice games against yourself or a friend. You can also find some online Alpha Strike communities where you can play against other people.
Here are the essential things you need to buy to play BattleTech Alpha Strike:
The Alpha Strike rulebook
A set of Alpha Strike tokens
A battle mat
Some miniatures
You can find all of these items at your local game store or online ( )
Here are some additional things that you might want to buy:
-A set of Alpha Strike cards
-A mix of black, red, white, and yellow 6 sided dice (preferably 12 mm) or a dice roller app
-A terrain set
-The Alpha Strike cards are a great way to keep track of your units' stats and abilities. A dice roller app can save you time and hassle when rolling dice. And a terrain set can make your games more immersive.
If you like the game after playing a demo, or you want to just dive in, the best Alpha Strike box to buy for beginners is the BattleTech Alpha Strike Box Set. It contains everything you need to get started with the game, including:
13 plastic BattleMech miniatures
3D trees
A dozen buildings
A Quick Start Rulebook
A set of Alpha Strike tokens
The miniatures in the box are all different variants of the iconic BattleMechs, the Wolverine and the Griffin. This gives you a good variety of units to choose from and allows you to experiment with different strategies. The trees and buildings provide some basic terrain for your games, and the Quick Start Rulebook is a great way to learn the basics of the game.
The Alpha Strike Box Set is a great value for money and is the perfect way to get started with BattleTech Alpha Strike. You can get yours at your local game store like The Gamer’s Haven, or online here: 
If you're looking for a more advanced box, you could consider the A Game of Armored Combat Box Set. This box contains more miniatures, including a BattleMaster and a Thunderbolt, as well as a more comprehensive rulebook. You can get yours here:,=
However, if you're just starting out, the Alpha Strike Box Set is the perfect place to begin.