Marvel Crisis Protocol Team Tournament Rules

  • A team will consist of 2 team members
  • Each team member will build a roster of 7 models, 5 Tactics cards.
  • The combined team will have 3 Secure and 3 Extraction Crisis Cards.

The Team Up! Event will add 6 to the maximum threat value.

When BUILDING A SQUAD (page 12) each team member will select models. One player must select models equal to half the

determined threat value +/- 2 and the remaining player select models to make up the difference

  • Each player will select 3 Tactics cards and form a combined Team Tactics deck of 6 cards.
  • The combined teams models, tactics and crisis cards must be UNIQUE and all banned and restricted lists apply.
  • The combined team can have one leader and team affiliation across both squads.
  • Each team member is responsible for the decision making, and moving of their models.
  • All models must be from a majority of Atomic Mass Games miniature parts from the Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniatures line.
  • Players must use the same roster throughout the tournament.
  • This event will be using the Standard Timeline
  • This event will be using Swiss Round Times outlined in the Challenger Rules with the following exceptions: The base round time

will be 120 minutes instead of 90 and the round the timer will start 5 minutes after the scheduled start time to the round.

This will allow 10 minutes at the end of the round for players to clean up.

  • Players are responsible for having all components required to play including models, current cards, measuring tools,

dice, and rules.

  • Players should bring a filled-out copy of their roster. A form will be available. This is for your opponents before the game

and for Player’s Choice voting.

  • This event will be using tournament software to be announced later.
  • Check in for the event will be 30 minutes before the dice roll.