The Hottest Gift This Black Friday

What are Dice Trays and why are they a Great Gift for Everyone?


2 for $40 at The Gamer’s Haven

Dice trays are now a must have household item in 2023 and going into 2024, but you might not recognize them for what their other purpose. The other name they are commonly referred to as is "key trays". 

Key trays or Catch-all's  are their common place name, and are used to store all of the small items that tend to accumulate on your countertops and tables. This includes things like mail, pens, pencils, sunglasses, and loose change. Key trays come in a variety of different styles, so you can find one that matches your décor, however Millennial Falcon has taken them to the next level with some pretty sweet art. The art comes in a variety that makes it easy to match with any household. My grandma personally prefers the lotus and octopus designs, while some of my gaming friends prefer the Large version featuring the Dragon design on Bamboo. Key Trays help to keep your home organized, your most used items easily accessible, and help to reduce clutter. However, Tabletop Gaming and Board Game Nights are becoming common household activities. Show off your adaptability and inner nerd by using a Millennial Falcon Dice Tray that really levels up your game night. The best part is you can shop for your entire family and friends and without breaking the bank  during The Gamer’s Haven Black Friday sale.




Whether the person you're shopping for is a stylish nerd, a resourceful Hippie, or an organization aficionado, these trays are a great way to level up their home.  My favorite use of the Millennial Falcon Dice Trays is to take them with me camping for some classic dice gaming with family around the campfire. I personally favor the Plague Doctor one giving Post Malone vibes, but my favorite feature is the fact that they unbutton to flat pack really efficiently in any backpack, and are so easy to snap up my twin 3 year old kids can do it. If you prefer to get yours in store to see them in person, please, please shop local. You can get yours at The Gamer's Haven (Spokane) during their 2 standard trays for $40 (limited while supplies last). Make sure you secure yours ahead of time, as they are hot sellers during the holiday season and have limited stock.